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    Hey everyone,

    Full details for this thread are coming soon! Setting up a Discord Server to open up a chat for all questions. Will be integrated on the forums soon so sign up if you like! (Here)

    Join our Discord Server for further discussion: https://discord.gg/A4qgTzy


    - Currently getting in contact with a few potential networks to overlook tech & more.

    - Opening up Co-Owner Positions. (Details on position requirements)

    - Exact release date. (Week or two after arrangement with overlooking network)

    - Content Creators that plan to be at release. (YouTube/Twitch)

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    Hey guys,

    Heard many concerns already about Ranks, so it's about time I clear this up. The past existing ranks will be reseting for everyone, everyone getting an equal start. This Revival is a fresh start for CurseCraft, the Community, and Administration. Here are a few reason why we decided this.

    1. New ownership, fresh start, no problems figuring out everyones ranks, less of a headache.

    2. Old donation records are not up-to-date. (Prove me wrong - Show me exact details of specifically every person that charged back against CurseCraft throughout past ownerships within the donation records.)
    • A lot of players have charged back against CurseCraft and we would not be able to figure out who did. It's also not worth the hassle of people constantly asking where their rank is, we need a fresh start.
    3. CurseCraft has nothing to gain by giving out all old player ranks back. If a player decides not to join CurseCraft because he doesn't get his old rank free from however long ago when he purchased it during a past ownership of CurseCraft, then it's his/her loss unfortunately, you'll be missing out.
    • I've heard, "He doesn't even care about getting the old players." As far as I remember, many of us old players that got our free rank during the last ownership, abused other new players with it. We saw it as a status and ruined the game for many others starting off. Ranks are going to be more of a Symbol for Supporting the server now, benefits will come with them, but not Pay to Win. This will result in the pvp experience being more competitive and more even.
    4. Ranks and it's prices have changed, including different new perks. They don't have the same overall value. (Will be shown In-Store Soon)
    • Almost all old rank perks have been thrown out, ranks are not valued the same. - Not Pay to Win anymore. (EULA compliant.)
    6. Giving everyone a free rank from their past purchase on CurseCraft from a previous ownership would ruin the whole point of CurseCraft coming back under a new ownership. We didn't spend this amount of time, money, and dedication on reviving CurseCraft just to give everyone a free rank, this would not support CurseCraft at all. If you want CurseCraft to survive, thrive, and prosper then you should understand.

    7. Ranks are going to be converted to subscriptions. (info below) This is a way for CurseCraft to be able to keep thriving and to keep updated following EULA for your entertainment. Due to trying to follow EULA, we have had to make many changes to the layout of the player experience since CurseCraft was completely Pay to Win before.

    8. Lastly, CurseCraft and it's Administration care about it's players more than you could ever know, we have struggled through just about everything since CurseCraft went down over a year ago. Reseting all ranks is in fact caring for it's players. If you think that saying you "wasted your money" on CurseCraft after it's been offline for that long is appropriate, then that is just sad, you're in fact being arrogant and need to adjust your POV.

    There will be Global Store Sales, Redeem Codes, Regular Giveaways, Special Event Giveaways, Milestone Giveaways, and Much More Benefits for the Community of CurseCraft. We are in fact here for you, but we cannot allow giving people their old ranks, it is not possible, this would not have a positive impact for CurseCraft and could damage it's unfilled potential.

    The Revival Sale will be an opportunity for those trying to get a rank at a more than fair price. The Revival Sale for the server will last for 1-2 weeks. This will plan to be advertised by multiple content creators. (50% off Ranks.) plus possible Redeem Codes off that. That means an attainable (50%)+ off specific items in store categories.

    New | Subscriptions: (This will be explained in further detail within the Store.)
    • Info regarding Subscriptions on Ranks will be available within the store. (WIP)
    • This will be more than fair for both the Player and CurseCraft.

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    Hey guys,

    As hopefully many of you may realize, the amount of work that has been put into this already and is still needed is crazy, we'd just like to note that we're here for you. Unlike past runnings, we will be listening closely to what you have to say. We have a starting spawn/warzone/map already done (option #1), but we’d like to know what you’d like to see. Please note, this is just a sneak peek to get an idea, we still need to get more posts out. Also, if you haven't already, make sure to spread the WORD about CurseCraft to your friends.;)

    Choices are:

    Option #1 - Revamped Oldest Throwback
    Details: We’ve put the most work into this revamp and prefer it as it fits to the custom plugins.​

    Option #2 - Throwback Stone Castle (Would need to be revamped a bit.)
    Details: Old Stone Castle Spawn, replace it with option #1 spawn, will require more time.​

    Option #3 - New Custom Spawn or other Throwback?
    Hire a builder to make something new or take an existing build & revamp it. (Like nether, we've done work to others.)
    Examples: http://imgur.com/a/L00AQ
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    Greetings Everyone,

    Welcome to CurseCraft's new official website! There have been those dedicated toward seeing CurseCraft's return ever since it went down on day 1 over a year ago. This has not been an easy task. A lot has happened between then and now, but there have been those of us that have never backed down in giving CurseCraft a real future.

    Today though, I have some exciting news to tell you all. We are getting close in presenting a release date for the server. Yes, I know, it's taking forever, but I will list the main objectives that still need to be finished below before we feel comfortable with moving forward with the server.

    Official Server Release: Have tried to be ready before Christmas Break. Currently believe it'll need to be Postponed shortly for a stable release. Regardless tho, CurseCraft is coming back!

    To-Do-List: (WIP)


    - CCRelic (Special Events)
    - CCMcMMO (Adding Magic)
    - CCStats (Need for Stats Page)
    - CCSync (Works with Factions)
    - CCAbilites (Works with CCMcMMO)
    - CCFactions
    + More

    - Custom Website Registration (Prevent Bots, Advertisers, ect.)
    - Store Fixed

    - Stats Page
    - Misc Fixes
    - Studio Page
    + More


    - 3D Animated Server Trailer Finished.
    - Get Content Creators lined up. (YouTubers a/o Streamers)
    + More
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