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    Greetings Everyone,

    Welcome to CurseCraft's new official website! There have been those dedicated toward seeing CurseCraft's return ever since it went down on day 1 over a year ago. This has not been an easy task. A lot has happened between then and now, but there have been those of us that have never backed down in giving CurseCraft a real future.

    Today though, I have some exciting news to tell you all. We are getting close in presenting a release date for the server. Yes, I know, it's taking forever, but I will list the main objectives that still need to be finished below before we feel comfortable with moving forward with the server.


    - Stats/Store need to be finished/fixed which will complete the Xenforo menu chain that will help prevent any bugs & fix the browser feed when searching for CurseCraft.

    - Our Hub System is being updated where there will be priority queue access for players that have a certain Rank over non-donators which is one way to help support CC.


    - Finish CCRelic (Custom Koth-like plugin with a huge unique twist) *Prox 2-3 days

    - Get Factions Modified *Prox 4-8 days

    - Get Studio Page finished *Prox 2-3 days

    - Get official posts completed. *Prox 1-2 days

    - Get beta server re-established. *Prox 10-15 days

    - 3D Animated Server Trailer Finished.

    - Extra Artwork done for Website/Store.
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