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CurseCraft: Legacy (Throwback) - On hold.
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    Mar 9, 2016
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    Hey guys,

    Just to let you know, in the hope of appealing to all concerns about ranks and the feel of the server, we are currently trying out having a 'CurseCraft: Legacy Server' up for everyone to join. This server will be very similar to the old traditional version of CurseCraft.

    While additional servers are being developed, this server has the potential to stay apart of the CurseCraft Network, similar to the old 'Borderlandpvp.' If you are interested in keeping this server going and helping the community come back together then we hope to see you on! We will be looking to further make improvements to the playerbase & CurseCraft as a whole as time progresses.


    1. RANKS will be given back.
    (If your rank isn't showing up, then you're not recorded within the donation files, show solid proof to one of the staff on.)
    • Donator, Donator+, VIP, Elite, Legend, Demi-God, God, Boss
    • 'CurseLord' Ranks should be moved down to Boss.
    • Ranks won't be global in the future, specifically for this server. (As of now)

    2.NEW UPATES are coming soon.
    (Server is getting some new updates to keep it thriving.)
    • New Custom Plugins: CCrate, CCDonator, CCTnt

    - We will be taking over the Legacy Server and improving it.
    - The map will continue where is was left off.
    - Parts of the map abused from /tnt not having correct cooldown will be reverted.​
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